Viewing Medical Records

I make no apology for the fact that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Apple evangelist, so you will see a few more posts like this. Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto has used Apple's software development tools (iPhone SDK) to build a portal application that pulls together data from 66 different applications on the hospital's network.

“We need something that’s going to allow us to change rapidly. Five years from now, the medical world is going to be very different. With iPhone, we have a platform that allows us to adapt.”

They call this portal VitalHub, and with it staff at the hospital..

...can get access to our patients’ data whenever and wherever we want it. Knowing what’s happening with their drugs, radiology, laboratory values, microbiology results....really enables me to make decisions on the go.

Needless to say, the hospital have enabled secure access to email, calendaring and contacts on the Exchange server and medical practitioners can download a whole host of additional off-the-shelf medical apps to help them do their work.

Tantalisingly, Mount Sinai seem to have spun off a company called 'VitalHub Corp.' and have put up a website that indicates they intend to sell their solution.

I'd like see some nimble and agile developers take a look at this concept for similar tools in the clinical trials and research environment.

Roll on the release of the iPad, which comes out this Saturday 3 April in the US and later in April for ROW. It is going to fly off the shelves and I suspect it will find a whole host of new users in the medical and clinical environments.