Is your preferred eClinical solution iPad ready?

With Apple's iPad due for release to 'rest of world' before the end of May it's very promising to see eClinical provider's such as DATATRAK ensuring that their application suites are compatible with modern standards-compliant browsers such as the Safari browser that runs on the iPad. DATATRAK provides randomization, drug inventory management, data collection, medical coding and reporting functions through its DATATRAK eClinicalâ„¢ suite. I am convinced that the iPad is going to be big in the healthcare and clinical research spaces.

However, many web-based eClinical solutions have traditionally been 'validated' and tested to run only on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Big companies are still using versions of Internet Explorer (such as IE 6) that are over nine years old.

Solutions providers that don't develop to fit the iPad are going to fall behind.

Let's hope that corporate IT can keep up too.