Take money off the table....

....and what motivates us is autonomy, mastery and purpose. According to a talk given by Dan Pink at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures [ sic ] and Commerce (RSA).

Paraphrasing Pink, employees want to have an overall purpose and when the profit motive is unhitched from the purpose motive 'bad' things can happen. I had most experience and understanding of this point. He states that people want to feel that they are making a contribution.

I was quite enthralled with his thoughts on autonomy and mastery. He states you can expect better engagement with more autonomy. Makes sense. Employers should get out of the way of their employees. I have been conscious of this but in a different way - maybe we used to call this 'empowerment'?

And mastery - it's obvious really. He cites the case of people spending hours of their free time learning the guitar. You do it, because it's fun, because it's a challenge and because you get better at it.