HRA Approval Workshops
9:15 AM09:15

HRA Approval Workshops

The ICR is supporting the HRA in running two free workshops (AM or PM) explaining what HRA Approval is, how to apply for HRA Approval using IRAS, and how sponsors and sites work together when setting up HRA Approval studies.

Sign-up here. Places are limited.

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The Changing Role of the CRO
6:30 PM18:30

The Changing Role of the CRO

Evening Regional Meeeting by PIPMG - the Pharmaceutical Indiustry Project Management Group.

What is the Project Manager's role in the changing balance between the Pharma's need to outsource, their need to retain sponsorship & oversight, and the CROs' fast-gaining capabilities to manage many aspects of development? Join us to hear from two experienced speakers:

  1. The CRO perspective – Alexandra Adams, Director, Late Phase, EU, Chiltern
  2. The Pharma perspective - David Davies recently Futura Medical

Meeting programme here.

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AHPPI Annual Meeting
to Oct 30

AHPPI Annual Meeting

  • Academy of Medical Sciences (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Risk Management in Early Phase Clinical Trials

It should be a great programme this year, and not only because I am on the organising committee!

Follow this link to the event programme or go directly to Eventbrite to buy tickets at the incredibly GVFM price of £35!

We are having a drinks mixer after the talks to encourage a bit of extra networking.

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to Jul 24

Develop and Manage Outsourced Clincial Trials

Looking forward to this training course next week run by the Institute of Clinical Research.

Course Outline

  • What is always present in successful projects?
  • How to manage uncertainty
  • Project risk analysis and management and the cost implications
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Feasibility
  • Measurement of project progress in terms of the budget, schedule and the quality (EVM)
  • Requests for information (RFI), requests for proposals (RFP) and proposal analysis
  • Analysing the project budget
  • Pricing criteria
  • Communication skills
  • The Legal contract
Roger Joby

Roger Joby

The course is being taught by Roger Joby, Pharmaceuticals Consultant and Professional.

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6:30 PM18:30

New Scientist Live 2014

Sold out.

Kicks off tomorrow, but later events are still available - see here.

New Scientist Live will be running 5 events in 2014 exploring a range of compelling subjects, held at Conway Hall in London. Each event will start at 6:30pm, ending at 8:30pm. Buy tickets now for all events:

28 May - The origin of modern humans, with:

  • Chris Stringer, Research Leader in Human Origins, Natural History Museum
  • Bruce Bradley, Professor of Experimental Archaeology, University of Exeter

Understanding the evolution of modern humans is one of science's most intriguing projects. And recently, the picture it gives has changed dramatically. The unexpected discovery of a new species of early human plus genetic tests on our other ancient ancestors has dramatically changed the way we view the ascent of humans. Moreover, we are gaining better understanding of their brains and mental abilities from a surprising source - the tools they made.

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9:39 AM09:39

Focus on Oncology

The Institute of Clinical Research is running a Chairman's Forum on oncology next week in High Wycombe.

Speakers are:

  • Jane Bentley PhD - Executive Director Project Management and Global Oncology Operations Lead at Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc
  • Gary Acton MD, former CMO of Antisoma
  • Jenny Gray - Industry Lead NIHR Cancer Research Network Coordinating Centre
  • Liz Gray - Senior Health Economics and Outcomes Research Manager, Novartis
  • Sidath Katugampola PhD - Biomarker Development Specialist, Cancer Research UK

Book last remaining places at the ICR Web site.

Full price is £45 for the day - cheaper with membership etc.

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